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  • 1.0 Welcome to Contract Services Group, Inc."
    On behalf of Contract Services Group, Inc., I welcome you to our company. Contract Services Group, (CSG) is a commercial building service business that provides building maintenance and janitorial services to our customers on a contract basis. We provide a wide range of services, including general office cleaning, carpet care, floor care, and related services. We are considered to be cleaning professionals, and our customers expect us to perform our services as experts. We know you will take the same pride in a “job well done.” We fully realize that only through the cooperation and loyalty of our dedicated personnel can we maintain and improve our service and reputation. We urge you to ask questions whenever there is something you do not know. Whenever we can, we will strive to answer your questions and to help. The most serious problems develop when the employee is afraid to ask, and then tries to do the job without really knowing what to do. This Employee Handbook is designed to give you a better understanding of our personnel policies and will act as a guide to your association and continuing good relations with Contract Services Group. This Employee Handbook is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a contract. If you need clarification on anything stated in this Handbook, please ask your Supervisor or Operations Manager for assistance. They will be glad to help you. This Employee Handbook shall be effective on June 22, 2009 and supersedes all prior releases. We look forward to a long, rewarding and mutually satisfying relationship. Casey Pearce President Contract Services Group, Inc.
  • 2.0 Employment Practice
    2.10 Recruitment Contract Services Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We take great pride in our tradition of recruiting qualified applicants for employment regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, veteran status, or any other protected class. It is in this tradition of fair and equitable opportunity for the job seeker that we recruit and hire new employees. All applicants are subject to pre-employment investigation of their work background, school records, and legal right to work in the United States, references, health, and drug screening. If an applicant’s references or physical examinations are found to be unsatisfactory, the applicant may be rejected for employment. Those employees who have falsified or failed to complete information on their employment application are subject to dismissal at any time. 2.11 Employment of Relatives It is the policy of Contract Services Group that no relative may work in the same department with a relative who is a supervisor. If co-employees marry, and one of the employees is a supervisor, every effort will be made to transfer one of the employees to another department. 2.12 Re-Employment Each application for re-hire will be considered on an individual basis. The decision will be based on past performance, qualifications, and the previous reason for leaving. The status of the re-employed person is the same as that of a new employee, unless the break in service is less than thirty (30) days. Credit for previous service is granted only in the case of a person returning from military service. 2.13 Anniversary Date Your anniversary date is established on the date of employment or reemployment. A new anniversary date will be assigned if you change from temporary status to regular status. Your anniversary date will be adjusted accordingly if you go on a leave of absence of more than four (4) weeks. 2.14 Employee Status All employees must be considered in one of the following classifications. Regular Full-Time Employees Full-time employees are those who work at least forty (40) hours per week per pay period and who are willing and able to accept shifts as assigned. A full-time employee becomes a regular employee after the ninety (90) day orientation period. Regular Part-Time Employees Part-time employees are those employees who work less than forty (40) hours per week per pay period. On-Call Employees On-call employees are employees who work only when needed according to the needs of the department. 2.15 Temporary Employees Temporary employees may work full-time or part-time and are hired with the understanding that the position is temporary in duration, not to exceed three (3) months. When an employee who is hired on a temporary basis is asked to become a regular employee, he/she must complete the ninety (90) day orientation period from the date of transfer from temporary to regular status. Reclassification from temporary to regular status must be made by the Supervisor and approved by the Operations Manager before a change can take place. No employee may remain as a temporary employee for more than three (3) months. 2.16 Orientation Period The orientation period for new or rehired employees is ninety (90) days. This is intended as a mutual period of trial and adjustment that is necessary in order that your Supervisor may make a fair evaluation of your performance and your abilities. No greater standard of performance is required either before or after the orientation period.
  • 3.0 Conditions of Employment
    3.10 Employment Requirements The following are mandatory requirements for pre-employment and continued employment: Completion of an employment application. Completion of a withholding form (W-4). Completion of immigration form (I-9). Completion of an employee handbook receipt. Completion of an employee time keeping form. Satisfactory reference checks and background information. Successful completion of a pre-employment or annual physical and/or drug screening test(s) when applicable. Attendance at company sponsored training & safety meetings 3.11 The Physical Examination: Pre-Employment or Annual Employees in certain departments may be required to undergo a complete physical examination and/or drug screening and additional laboratory tests as required. 3.12 Orientation An organized orientation program has been established for all employees. This program includes information regarding the organization of the company, policies that affect all employees, fire and safety information, proper use of body mechanics, chemical and hazardous material information, and other information relevant to your employment. In addition, each department conducts its own orientation and in-service programs planned to assist employees learn their jobs and perform their assigned tasks and responsibilities. 3.13 Wage and Salary Practices Contract Services Group continually attempts to employ those people with outstanding skills who have the desire to meet the challenges that the building service industry has always presented. It is the intention of CSG to compensate these persons for their work with wages that are fair and competitive. Each job classification in CSG is evaluated at least once per year. All positions in CSG have an established pay range. If you have any questions concerning these evaluations or the pay for your job, please talk to your Supervisor. 3.14 Performance Evaluation Everyone is interested in knowing how he/she is performing in his/her job. Therefore, we conduct periodic written evaluations after ninety (90) days of employment, after one (1) year and every year thereafter based on your anniversary date. The purpose of the written performance evaluation is to provide each of you the opportunity to sit down with your Supervisor at periodic intervals and discuss your job progress. Your Supervisor need not initiate such a discussion. You should feel free to discuss all aspects of your job with your Supervisor at any convenient time. These discussions can be in addition to the ninety (90) day and annual evaluations. The results of all evaluations will be recorded on a form designated by CSG, and shall become a permanent part of your employment record. Your immediate Supervisor or Manager will discuss the evaluation with you.
  • 4.0 Wage and Hours
    4.10 Pay Periods - Pay Days Paydays for employees of Contract Services Group, Inc. are on the 10th and the 26th of each month. In the event that the 10th or 26th falls on a weekend or a holiday, paychecks will be issued on the last workday before the weekend or holiday. Each January, an annual pay schedule is distributed. Your paychecks may be picked-up by you, mailed to your home, or delivered to your job site on the paydays listed on the schedule. We suggest that you save each of your payroll stubs so you can have an accurate record of payment for each pay period. Paychecks are never available in advance of the payday. 4.11 Definition of a Workday/Workweek A workday shall be defined as a twenty-four (24) hour period commencing at 12:00 A.M. The standard workweek shall start from Sunday 12:00 A.M. until the following Saturday at 11:59 P.M. 4.12 Time Card Errors If you use another employee’s time keeping code in error notify your Supervisor immediately. Your Supervisor will make a record of any inaccuracies and send them to the payroll office. You must never enter the time keeping code of another employee. Entering the time keeping code of another employee is grounds for immediate termination. 4.13 Deductions from Your Paycheck Federal and State laws require the following deductions from wages earned. Federal Withholding Tax (FIT) Social Security Tax (FICA) Medicare Tax (MEDI) State Income Tax (SIT) State Disability Insurance (SDI) Other deductions may be authorized by you or required by court order. 4.14 Overtime Payment of overtime compensation shall be paid to “non-exempt” employees, as defined by State and Federal wage and hour requirements, according to the following: Time and one-half shall be paid for all hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours, up to and including twelve (12) hours in any workday and in excess of forty (40) hours per week or more than six days, unless a 10-hour day, 4-day workweek agreement is in effect. Double time shall be paid for all hours worked in excess of twelve (12) hours in any one-work day or a seventh consecutive worked day in a week. Items 1 & 2 above are relevant to our CA employees, if you work in a state with different. Authorization for Overtime Work: All employees must secure authorization prior to working any overtime hours. Authorization for overtime should be approved on a daily basis. No “blanket” or general approvals for overtime work shall be granted. The Supervisor or Manager will be responsible for authorizing and approving all overtime work in writing, and should initial all overtime hours on time cards when submitted for payment. 4.15 Meal & Rest Period It is the policy of the Company that every employee has the opportunity to take ten minute rest period for every four hours or major fraction thereof worked. Employees are to take these rest periods at the two hour period into each shift that they are entitled to the ten minute break. It is employee’s responsibility to take these rest periods. If employee does not take them it is employee’s responsibility to let his/her supervisor know during the shift they were not taken. If employee fails to do this, it is assumed that these rest periods were taken on that shift. It is also the responsibility of each employee to take his/her minimum thirty-minute lunch/rest non-paid break four hours into each shift requiring this break. Any employee who works longer than a six hour period is required to take this break. It is each employee’s responsibility to punch out and back in when taking this break. If employee does not take this non paid break it is his/hers responsibility to let their supervisor know during the shift. If employee fails to do this, it is assumed that this lunch / rest period was taken on that shift. Failure to abide by this meal and rest period policy is grounds for discipline, including termination. This meal and Rest period slated above refers to California employees. Different states may have different requirements. Local requirements will prevail.
  • 5.0 Working Conditions
    5.10 Proper Working Attire Contract Services Group allows employees to determine the appropriate work attire, provided it: Meets uniform requirements for specific departments. Does not interfere or detract from the employee’s job assignments or responsibilities. Is consistent with good grooming, neatness and the cleanliness standards of the work location. Is not counter to the health and safety guidelines of the work location. 5.11 Absenteeism and Tardiness Your work is important to the company. If you find it necessary to be late or absent from work, you are required to notify the office or appropriate manager with the reason for the absence and when you will return to work. Any employee who does not call or notify his/her immediate Supervisor with an acceptable excuse, prior to the shift and who does not report for work as assigned is subject to disciplinary action. You must notify your Supervisor or the office prior to your absence. Employees working a weekday evening job are to call in by 4:00 P.M. Employees working weekend or a morning job are to call in a minimum of two (2) hours prior to the starting time. 5.12 Notification of Illness It is the responsibility of each employee to notify his/her Supervisor at least two (2) hours prior to the beginning of any shift that he/she will not be able to report to work due to illness. You must speak with your Supervisor or whoever is in charge of the shift. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE CALL IN FOR YOU. You are then required to keep your Supervisor notified each day that you are ill. If you are out sick for more than three (3) days, you must have a release from your doctor before you can return to work. If the leave due to illness is going to be longer than five (5) day, the employee must request a leave of absence. If you become ill on the job, you must report to your Supervisor immediately. If necessary, your Supervisor may send you home. Illness days are recorded in your personnel record and are taken into consideration at the time of performance and salary evaluations. 5.13 Employee Badges If required at the job site employees will be issued an identification badge upon employment. Badges must be worn on the job at all times. Employees who loose or fail to turn in their badges upon termination of employment may be subject to a ten-dollar ($10) payroll deduction. 5.14 Code of Conduct Standards of conduct have been established to govern the behavior of Contract Services Group employees, and to protect the well-being and property of customers, other employees, and Contract Services Group, Inc. It is mutually advantageous that CSG operate in an orderly, efficient manner and that discipline be maintained for the benefit of all. Violations of Contract Services Group standards of conduct will result in disciplinary action, including possible termination. Enforcement of the standards is generally based on a counseling/warning system that allows employees to be advised of their infractions. Therefore, employees usually have an opportunity to correct their behavior unless the violation is so serious that Contract Services Group deems immediate termination necessary. Normally, the employee’s immediate Supervisor will issue the counseling or warning. Any of the offenses listed below can result in a verbal or written counseling, a written warning, a suspension, or termination. The choice of action depends on the individual situation and how it affects the customer, employees, or operation of the company. The number and the seriousness of previous infractions will also be a factor. The following list provides examples of offenses that may result in the imposition of discipline, including termination. It is not intended to be exclusive. Further, employment is at the mutual consent of the employee and Contract Services Group, Inc. Accordingly, either the employee or Contract Services Group, Inc. can terminate employment at will, at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice. Please Read Carefully 1. Excessivetardiness Excessive tardiness can interrupt everyone else’s job. 2. Excessive absences Repeated absences without good cause. Absence from work for one day without authorization, notification or adequate explanation on the first and each subsequent day. Absence on three consecutive working days without proper notification will be considered a voluntary resignation. Failure to return to work on the first scheduled day following a leave of absence Failure to return to work on the first scheduled day following a reported absence. 3. Performance Substandard performance, negligence or inefficiency in the performance of duties. Failure to report knowledge of any service defect or property damage to a Supervisor. 4. Recording Time Continued failure to log into the telephone time keeping system properly. Logging in from a location other than the scheduled work site. Recording intentionally another employee’s code or allowing another employee to do the same for you. 5. Use of Time Wasting time, loitering or leaving work area unnecessarily. Quitting work or putting away work material before a specified time. Sleeping or loafing during work hours. Horseplay, wrestling, dangerous practical joking or throwing articles. Inefficient use of time, loafing, or unauthorized breaks. 6. Cleanliness Failure to keep work areas clean. Creating unsanitary or unsightly conditions at the job location. 7. Records Failure to record any vital information. Falsifying any information on company records. Unauthorized use or disclosure of Contract Services Group records or information contained therein. 8. Soliciting Solicitation for any purpose during working hours on the job. Requesting tips for services. 9. Security Leaving a building door unlocked. Allowing unauthorized people (including family and friends) to enter any building in which you are working. 10. Safety Violation of safety rules through intentional acts, carelessness, or oversight. Negligent acts which jeopardize the health and safety of fellow employees, the customer, or any other person. Removal from authorized location, tampering with or unauthorized use of fire protection, safety, disaster and first aid equipment. 11. Company Property Careless use of company property. Using company material, time, equipment or personnel for any unauthorized purpose. Unauthorized use, forwarding, removal, or destruction of company records or other forms of company information without prior and explicit permission of the person in charge of said materials and information. Unauthorized possession of the property or belongings of customers, coworkers, or the company. 12. Unauthorized use of customer or company telephones, computers or any electronic devices. Customer telephones should only be used in case of emergency or with permission of the customer. CSG telephones are to be used only if necessary. Employees that use company telephones or computers should know that CSG monitors all its electronic equipment. 13. Food/Smoking Eating in unauthorized areas. Smoking in any building in which you are performing service. Smoking in any company vehicle at any time. 14. Insubordination Refusal to accept a job assignment. Willful disobedience of instructions issued by a Supervisor or Manager. Walking off the job without authorization. Discourteous or rude treatment toward any Supervisor, other employee, or customer. 15. Personal Conduct Continuous poor personal grooming, which includes repeated infractions of dress and uniform regulations where established. Gambling on customer or company property at any time. Argumentative conduct with Supervisor or other employees. Committing or threatening any act of violence against another person, including fighting on customer or company property. Using, transporting, or possessing firearms, explosives or any other article intended for use as injurious or deadly weapon on customer or company property. Possession, use or sale of intoxicants, unprescribed drugs or other chemicals on customer or company premises. Reporting to work while under the influence of prescribed or unprescribed drugs or alcohol, which could affect job performance. Requesting tips for services. Violating any published rule of Contract Services Group, Inc. Falsification of records This list does not limit the company’s right to discipline for cause, whether listed or not. Violations relating to falsification of records (time cards, applications, etc.), sleeping on the job, fighting, stealing, use of drugs or alcohol are among the grounds for IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION WITH PENDING TERMINATION.
  • 6.0 Termination Policies
    We hope that your association with Contract Services Group, Inc. will continue to prosper for a long time. However, in the event that you must voluntarily resign for any reason, it is requested that you give at least two week’s notice of resignation in writing. To resign during your vacation does not meet this requirement. In this way, departments will have the opportunity to search for a replacement. If you are a Manager or Supervisor we request a minimum of four week’s prior notice. Employment at Contract Services Group, Inc. is at the mutual consent of both parties and is employment at will. 6.10 Lay Off Infrequently, positions may be phased out or the workload may decrease to the point where a reduction in staff is necessary. 6.11 Dismissal Employees may be dismissed for cause or no cause at any time with or without notice. Gross violations of conduct and/or company rules are grounds for immediate suspension or dismissal without notice. You should become familiar with the general causes for disciplinary action, which may cause termination. 6.12 Exit Questionnaire Should you terminate your employment for any reason, it is the concern of Contract Services Group. For this reason, each terminating employee is requested to complete an exit questionnaire prior to the last day of work. Upon termination, all company property such as uniforms, keys, manuals, cell phones, etc. must be returned immediately.
  • 7.0 Other Company Policies
    7.10 Statement of Human Relations The practice of Contract Services Group, Inc. is to consider all applicants for employment and all employees for placement, training programs, job assignments, transfers, promotions, compensation, benefits and any other status changes without regard for race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicap or veteran status. Contract Services Group believes that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity are a vital element in all aspects of the employment process and that their application represents a good management practice. 7.11 Policy Against Harassment Contract Services Group, Inc. is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. In keeping with this commitment, the company maintains a strict policy prohibiting unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including verbal, physical and visual harassment. An employee who believes he or she has been harassed by a co-worker, Supervisor, customer, or agent of the company should promptly report the facts of the incident or incidents and the names of the individuals involved to his or her Supervisor or, in the alternative, to the Human Resources Department. Supervisors should immediately report any incidents of unlawful harassment, such as sexual harassment, to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will investigate all such claims and take appropriate disciplinary action. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at your convenience. 7.12 Anti-Fraternization Policy It is the role of the company and each employee to create and maintain a workplace that is free of all potential harassment and intimidation. This includes all employee relationships which pose a conflict of interest, a legal risk to the company, are viewed by other employees as intimidating, or have the potential of giving individual employees unfair advantage in the workplace. For this reason, employees are not allowed to fraternize with or date another company employee, if either one has supervisory responsibility over the other. This policy also applies if either employee has potential company-related monetary responsibility to the other employee, such as payroll, filing of the time cards, hiring, etc. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform his/her supervisor if such a relationship develops. Should such a relationship develop, a decision will be made by senior management regarding discipline, transfer or termination of one or both of the employees. All decisions and actions regarding this policy are at the sole discretion of senior management. 7.13 Employee Grievance Procedure As in any other organization, there may be occasions when an employee may feel that he/she has been unfairly or unjustly treated or has a problem in connection with employment at Contract Services Group, Inc. If you have a grievance regarding your wages, hours of work, disciplinary action or other conditions of employment, the following steps of our normal problem solving procedure are open to you without prejudice, penalty or recrimination. It is intended that you use this procedure freely and that you receive prompt attention and complete answers to your questions. The Human Resources Department will assist any employee who has questions about the procedure or who needs assistance in connection with presenting the case. All such problems should be handled in the following manner, except in the case of discharge where the procedure should begin with the Operations Manager: Your Immediate Supervisor The request for a review of the problem must be presented orally to your immediate Supervisor within three (3) working days of the occurrence. The Supervisor shall investigate, and evaluate the situation and reply orally within five (5) working days thereafter. Operations Manager If you are not satisfied with the Supervisor’s reply, you may, within three (3) working days after receiving your answer, present your case in writing to the Operations Manager. The Operations Manager shall review the facts and reply, in writing, within five (5) working days, if practicable. President If you have not received a satisfactory reply, or if you disagree with the decision, you may, within five (5) working days after receiving the Operation Manager’s reply, present your case to the President or his/ her designated representative. A personal interview with the President or his/her designated representative will be held within five (5) working days or as soon as is practicable thereafter, with the Operations Manager present. The President or his/her designated representative shall reply, in writing, within five (5) working days after the interview, if practicable within such a time. The decision will be final. 7.14 Rules Regarding Solicitation and Distribution of Literature on the Job Site and Company Property To avoid disruption of company operations, the following rules apply to solicitations and the distribution of literature on the job site and on company property: Outsiders Persons not employed by the company may not solicit or distribute literature on the job site or on company property at any time, for any purpose. Employees Employees of the company may not solicit during working time or in work areas for any purpose. 7.15 Company Privacy The general policy of Contract Services Group, Inc. with respect to matters of employee privacy is as follows: We will collect, use and retain only relevant information necessary for business or legal purposes. We will limit the internal availability of employee information to those with a business need to know. We will release information externally only with employee approval, court order, or to government agencies conducting an investigation within their authority. Unless the employee authorizes the release of additional information we will furnish as verification of present or past employment only dates of employment, position title and last rate of pay. Employees are responsible to maintain current address and telephone numbers with the company. The company needs current information in case of the need to mail home pay checks or other information.​​​ 7.16 Review of Personnel Records Any employee wishing to review his/her personal records is welcome to do so during normal Human Resources Department hours. The file cannot be removed from the Human Resources Department and is available to employees and former employees only and is not available to any designated agent or outsider. Inspection rights of former employees are limited in duration by law.
  • 8.0 Employee Benefits
    8.10 Vacations Vacation benefits are available to the following full time regular employees (as defined under Employee Status): Administrative Employees Operational Managers Operational support supervisors and employees Other full time regular employees who work on jobsites will be paid vacations based upon the contract at each individual jobsite. Your supervisor will advise you of your status. Full-time regular employees (as defined under Employee Status) who are eligible for vacation benefits are eligible to take vacation hours after one (1) full year of continuous employment. Your vacation benefit is based on the number of hours you worked the previous anniversary year. Part-time, temporary, on-call or premium rate employees do not earn vacation benefits. Full time employees whose employment is based upon a contract between the company and a customer will or will not be entitled to vacation benefits, based upon the terms of that contract. Vacation Accrual Schedule in an Anniversary Year. If a holiday occurs during your vacation, every effort will be made to schedule the extra day according to your request, subject to approval of your Supervisor. Normally, this day will occur at the beginning or end of your vacation but if another day is chosen, we ask that you take this vacation day within (30) days of the date it is earned. Requests for vacation time must be made at least thirty (30) days in advance. In the event that more vacation requests are received for the same period of time than can be scheduled, vacations will be scheduled on the basis of length of service. Vacation time is an opportunity for rest, relaxation and a complete change in your daily routine. You are urged to use this time for these purposes. Pay-in-lieu of vacation will not be granted under any circumstances. You may take all or part of your vacation during the twelve (12) months of each anniversary year. With the approval of your Supervisor, you may schedule vacation days on any amount of not less than one (1) day or eight (8) hours. Vacation time must be used within one year after the anniversary date of the year in which it was earned. 8.11 Vacation Pay at Termination Should you terminate your employment with the company, we will compute vacation hours earned and vacation hours taken. You will receive payment for unpaid vacation hours accrued since the last anniversary date, if any, in your final paycheck, provided you have completed your ninety (90) day orientation period and have worked for the company for one (1) year. 8.12 Vacation Benefits - Change in Employee Status As noted above, no vacation benefits are payable to anyone until one year of employment is completed. However, if you should change status from full-time to part-time, at the request of management, you will be credited with all vacation benefits accrued as of the date of your change in status. 8.13 Holidays Contract Services Group, Inc. observes six (6) Holidays per year. Eligible employees who have completed ninety (90) days of continuous employment are eligible to receive Holiday pay. Holiday pay is not earned if a Holiday falls within the orientation period. Observed Holidays New Year’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Due to job requirements, it will not be possible for every employee to have every Holiday off. You must take your share of Holiday assignments if your department is required to work on Holidays. This is a condition of continued employment. If a Holiday occurs during your vacation, an additional day will be granted. You are required to work the last scheduled workday prior to a Holiday and the first scheduled workday after the Holiday in order to be eligible to receive Holiday pay. You are required to take the Holiday within (30) days of the date they occur. Contract Services Group, Inc. reserves the right to change the day or date on which any particular Holiday will be observed. 8.14 Leave of Absence It is the policy of Contract Services Group, Inc. to grant a Leave of Absence to maintain continuity of service in instances where unusual or unavoidable circumstance requires an employee’s absence. Leaves of absences are granted on the assumption that the employee will be available to return to regular employment as outlined in a written understanding reached by the employee, the Operations Manager and the President at the time the leave is granted. In order to qualify for a leave of absence, the company must have employed you for a period of ninety-(90) days, except in case of a Military Leave, Maternity Leave, or a Medical leave granted in connection with a work-related injury. After you complete your orientation period you are eligible for a leave of absence. When you return from a leave of absence you will return, if possible, to the same assignment you had prior to leaving. Should conditions change during the leave period, it may be necessary to fill your position. The company will make every effort to place you in another position for which you qualify, subject to job availability, but it cannot guarantee that the position in which you were employed at the time of departure, or another position for which you may qualify, will be available to you. Before you begin a leave of absence, you must use any accrued vacation days, which you may have earned. 8.15 Personal Leave You may, because of an emergency, find it necessary to request a leave of absence. A personal leave of absence may be granted up to a maximum of thirty (30) days, upon written request of the employee and the approval of the Operations Manager and the President. It is the employee’s responsibility to report for work at the end of an approved leave. Failure to do so will be considered a voluntary resignation. Upon returning from a leave of absence, an employee will retain full seniority for the period worked before taking other benefits such as vacation, during a leave of absence. You are not paid for holidays that occur during a leave of absence. Remember, Personal Leaves of Absence are a privilege granted by the company due to an urgent personal emergency, which requires you to be, absent from work. The company reserves the right to refuse to grant personal leaves of absence. 8.16 Medical Leave Any part-time or full-time employee who is temporarily disabled and unable to work due to a medical condition, will upon request, be granted a leave of absence without pay for the period of his or her disability, provided such period shall not exceed four (4) months. The term medical condition as used herein encompasses all temporary medical disabilities, including, but not limited to, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions. Any employee who is granted a medical leave of absence shall be entitled to utilize any accrued vacation days during the period of disability. An employee who requires a leave of absence for medical reasons must notify his/her Supervisor of the need for such a leave, in writing, as soon as the employee learns that he or she is, or will become, temporarily disabled and unable to work due to a medical condition. Said notice must specify the reason for the leave, the date such leave will begin, and the expected duration of the disability. An employee who requests such a leave may be required to provide initially and from time to time proof of disability in the form of a physician’s statement. Similarly, any employee returning from a medical leave of absence may be required to provide a physician’s statement that indicates that he or she is fit to return to work. An employee who returns to work at the end of his or her leave of absence will be returned to his or her former position, if possible, or will be offered the first available opening in a comparable position for which he or she is qualified. Such an employee will be credited with all service prior to the commencement of his or her disability, but not for the period of his or her disability. An employee who fails to report to work at the end of an approved leave of absence will be deemed to have voluntarily resigned. 8.17 Military Leave The company conforms to all Federal Statutes pertaining to military service and will grant a Leave of Absence, without pay or benefits, for military service whenever a Full-time Regular employee enlists to fulfill a military obligation under state or federal military service laws. 8.18 Dual Employment Rules A leave of absence becomes void if an employee seeks or takes a position in another organization while on a leave of absence from Contract Services Group, Inc. Termination will become effective retroactive to the date on which a leave of absence began. 8.19 Bereavement/Funeral Leave An employee in the event of a death in the immediate family may use a maximum of three (3) days of leave without pay. Further leave will be charged to vacation time (for eligible employees) or a leave without pay for other employees. Bereavement leave requires approval from your Supervisor. The immediate family is defined as parent, grandparent, sister or brother, spouse, child, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, father-in-law or mother-in-law. 8.20 Jury Duty All employees should contact the Human Resources Office as soon as they are notified to serve on jury duty. Employees who serve jury duty will be granted a leave of absence without pay. 8.21 State Disability Insurance (SDI) California State law provides for every employed person to be insured against wage losses because of unemployment due to a non-work related illness or injury. Employers are required to deduct a specified amount from every employee’s earnings up to a maximum amount regulated by law. Under the provisions of the State Disability Insurance Program, you are eligible for benefits as follows: Immediately upon admission as an in-patient in a Hospital for a period of at least twenty-four (24) hours. If you are sick or disabled but not hospitalized, after a waiting period of seven (7) consecutive days. Forms for Disability Insurance Claims may be obtained from the Employment Development Department. 8.22 Medical Insurance Medical insurance is offered to full time administrative, operational support supervisors and managers and job site supervisors and employees where the specific agreement at the jobsite stipulates it. All eligible employees must complete their 90 probationary period before they are eligible for this benefit. It is the sole responsibility of each eligible employee to obtain the enrollment form Human Resources, complete it and submit the completed form to Human Resources. 8.23 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Contract Services Group, Inc. provides Workers’ Compensation Insurance for its employees in accordance with the laws of the state in which you are employed. This insurance covers any injury or illness if it’s due to or related to your job. Coverage is automatic and immediate. There’s no qualifying period, and no need to earn a certain amount in wages before you’re covered and protection begins the first minute you are on the job. If you are injured on the job you must immediately report it to your Supervisor and the Operations Manager. Further information about workers’ compensation insurance benefits can be obtained from the Human Resources Department. 8.24 Social Security Insurance Contract Services Group, Inc. participates in the Social Security System. Contributions to the system are made by the company and the employee at amounts regulated by the federal law. The goal of the system is to help you accumulate money during your working years to be used as retirement income.
  • 9.0 Safety Procedures
    The safety of our employees is of priority interest to Contract Services Group, Inc. It is our desire to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We ask you to cooperate in helping to prevent accidents to you, other employees, and our customers by observing the following safety rules: 9.10 Company Safety Rules Each employee shall follow these safety rules, render every possible aid to safe operations and report all unsafe conditions or practices to the Supervisor or Operations Manager. Supervisors shall insist on employees observing and obeying every rule, regulation, and order as is necessary to the safe conduct of the work, and shall take such action as is necessary to obtain observance. All injuries or accidents must be reported IMMEDIATELYto your Supervisor and the Operations Manager. WET OR SLIPPERY FLOOR CONDITIONS MUST ALWAYS BE POSTED WITH SIGNS. Spills shall be posted and cleaned up immediately When lifting, place your feet close to the object being lifted, properly spaced for body balance. Be sure the back is straight and is near vertical as practical. With the elbows as straight as possible, bend the knees until the hands reach the proper place for gripping the object. Lift by straightening the legs, using the leg muscles and, if necessary, the arm muscles, but keeping the object close to the body. Avoid putting a strain on the back muscles. If the object is too heavy, get help. Damaged or unsafe equipment or tools shall not be used and shall be removed from service and tagged “DEFECTIVE”. No employee shall use any equipment, chemicals, or other supplies for which he or he has not been trained to use. Employees shall not attempt to repair equipment, tamper with equipment, or remove any parts from equipment. All tools and equipment shall be maintained in good condition. All janitor closets must be kept clean and organized. Chemicals and preparations shall be mixed only according to the chemical label. Frayed cords, worn plug, or plugs without grounds are to be reported to your Supervisor and not used. Only extension cords supplied by the company will be used. Anyone known to be under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances shall not be allowed on the job while in that condition. Horseplay, scuffling and other acts that tend to have an adverse influence on the safety or well being of the employees shall be prohibited. Work shall be well planned and supervised to prevent injuries in the handling of materials and in working together with equipment. No one shall knowingly be permitted or required to work while the employee’s ability or alertness is so impaired by fatigue, illness or other causes that it might unnecessarily expose the employee or others to injury. Only company authorized shoes will be worn. Inappropriate footwear such as sandals and open toe shoes or shoes with thin or badly worn soles shall not be worn. All floor machines will be unplugged, turned off, and laid down when not in use. A floor machine will NEVER be left unattended with the plug still in the wall. Never mix cleaning chemicals. Mixing ammonia and bleach or bleach and toilet bowl cleaner will produce vapors that are fatal. Goggles, helmets, respirators, gloves, and other PPE equipment, must be worn at all times when performing an operation where their use is required. The equipment is for your protection, USE IT! When unplugging, do not pull on the cord from the wall. Instead, go to the wall and unplug the plug itself. Acid Bowl Cleaner contains hydrochloric acid. This chemical should be used with extreme care. This chemical will destroy carpet, chrome, and do extreme damage to floors. When using this product, protective goggles and gloves MUST be used. This product is to be carried on restroom carts only on the days that it is to be used. Radios and “Ipod” type tape players are prohibited. Gasoline shall not be used for cleaning purposes Ladders with broken or missing rungs or steps broken or split side rails, or other faulty or defective construction, should not be used. When ladders with such defects are discovered, they should be reported, so they may be withdrawn from service and marked “DEFECTIVE”. Work shall be arranged so that employees are able to face the ladder and use both hands while climbing. When portable ladders are used, they should be inclined so that the horizontal distance from the foot of the ladder to the wall is approximately 1/4 of the ladder length. Seat belts shall be worn at all times when driving or riding in company vehicles. Smoking on any job site or in any company vehicle is prohibited. Eating or drinking while driving company vehicles is prohibited. 9.11 The following rules apply to all chemical products used in the operations of Contract Services: Read all product labels before use. If you have any questions concerning product use, contact your supervisor. Use products only as directed on the label or Material Safety Data sheet. Always protect your hands and eyes when pouring liquids or powders. Wear protective gloves and/or safety glasses as directed in the product label and/or Material Safety Data Sheet. When using aerosols, be certain to wear safety glasses or goggles and if indicated, a full-face shield. When diluting products, be certain to mix only with water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to dilution amounts. NEVER mix two products together unless instructed on the label. NEVER use an unlabeled container. If an unlabeled container is found, report it to your supervisor. NEVER inhale (smell) the contents of a container to determine its contents. Bottle caps are to be kept closed and checked to see that they are secure. NEVER ingest (eat or drink) any product, no matter what form it is in. If ingested, follow first aid directions on the label or Material Safety Data Sheet. NEVER puncture or collapse an aerosol can. All containers are to be stored covered and away from flames or intense heat. Wash your hand after using any chemical products. Especially before eating, drinking, or smoking. If any product comes into contact with any body part, flush immediately with large volume of water. Remove any contaminated clothing. Follow first aid instructions on the label or Material Safety Data Sheet. Report all injuries and spills to your supervisor immediately. Refer to instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheet for spill cleanup and disposal of waste material.
  • 10.0 General Information
    10.10 Employee Suggestions Employee suggestions are highly encouraged. Suggestions can be verbal or written. Written suggestions will receive a written reply. 10.11 Environmental Statement It is the position of CSG that we not only cooperate with all Local, State and Federal government agencies environmental efforts we attempt to exceed them. Your cooperation is needed to conserve our natural resources so we may live and enjoy a better quality life and have a better planet for future generations. All suggestions about environmental issues are encouraged and are recognized. 10.12 A Word About Your Employee Handbook This Handbook has been prepared as a guide for you to use. It should help you with many of the questions you may have from day to day. However, a Handbook cannot answer every question. If you have a question about something that is not covered in this Handbook, or if you are not sure what something means, please ask your Supervisor or ask the Human Resources Department for help. We hope you will take good care of this Handbook and that it will be of assistance to you. Please remember that you will be asked to return this Handbook to us upon termination. Contract Services Group, Inc. reserves the sole discretion to make changes or additions to this Handbook, from time to time. When this occurs, you will be given new pages to insert in your Handbook. You are responsible for reading this Handbook carefully and adhering to its provisions.
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