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General Cleaning

Thorough daily cleaning positively impacts tenants, visitors and service providers by extending the life of property assets, improving appearances, and promoting health and wellness.


Always wear personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. Review the product labels and chemical SDS. When using a secondary bottle it must be properly labeled.

Waste Collection

If occupants are present, announce yourself and make sure cleaning will not cause any disruption.

Pick up loose debris. Only dispose of boxes if they are marked as trash.

Empty all receptacles. Take the entire trash can to your cart. This ensures that bags do not leak on the floor.

TIP: Never compress trash with your hands or feet: there may be sharp objects that can cause injury.

Keep trash and recycling separate and use the correct liners for each.

When the liner is soiled, replace it with a fresh new liner.

TIP: If a liner is oversized, tie it off to prevent it from slipping down into the container.

Surface Dusting and Cleaning

Do not touch or move any personal belongings, including paperwork. Do not touch or clean computer equipment, as it can cause damage.

Wipe all horizontal surfaces using a duster or microfiber cloth. Start with high surfaces and work your way down.

Polish furniture by spraying furniture polish onto a clean cloth and wiping down the furniture. Be careful to avoid getting furniture polish onto floors as it can be a slipping hazard.

Clean windows, mirrors, and glass partitions by spraying them with glass cleaner and then wiping with a clean microfiber cloth.

Remove marks and scuffs on walls and other hard surfaces using a microfiber cloth dampened with a general purpose cleaner.

After all other cleaning is complete, sanitize shared surfaces by wiping them with pre-moistened disinfectant wipes or Turbo Kill applied to a clean microfiber cloth.

Daily Hard Floor Care

For carpet, follow the steps in the Maintex Daily Carpet Care training.

Place wet floor signs at the entrances.

Remove chairs and fixtures, pick up trash, then dust mop or sweep the floor.

Use a scraper to carefully remove any gum or sticky debris from the surface. Be careful to avoid gouging the floor.

Traditional Mop Method

Dilute neutral floor cleaner into a bucket and wringer with cold water according to label directions.

Immerse the mop in the cleaning solution and then lightly wring it out.

Mop the area using a figure-eight motion.

When your mop becomes dry, re-immerse it in the cleaning solution and lightly wring it out.

Replace the cleaning solution when it becomes dirty.

Make certain the floor is completely dry before removing Wet Floor signs.

Microfiber Mop Method

Dilute neutral floor cleaner into the solution bucket with cold water according to label directions. Place several mops into the solution to soak.