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Utility Carts

Utility Cart Safety Guidelines



Utility carts have become a necessary transportation device for many departments and are used for many types of work purposes.  In an effort to increase the safety of our team members, visitors, and to avoid situations that may cause injury or damages to vehicles, the following Utility Cart Safety guidelines were developed.




The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that golf cart operators are aware of the hazards that exist when operating a utility cart, and to prevent unnecessary damage or injuries that result from their misuse or lack of caution.


Safety Guidelines


  • Always check behind the vehicle before backing up. (Do not rely on mirrors, rear windows or

  • Secure any cargo or tools that have been loaded into the utility cart

  • Back up slowly

  • Remain seated and hold on while the vehicle is in motion. (wear seatbelts if provided)

  • Warn passengers of any upcoming turns or bumps

  • Drive only as fast as conditions allow -­‐     use caution during bad weather conditions

  • Slow Down and use extreme caution during:

  • Turns

  • Blind corners

  • Parking lots, main roadways, and crowded areas

  • Always give pedestrians the Right-­‐of-­‐Way

  • Avoid squeezing through narrow passages or tight spaces, especially in parking lots (when in doubt, take another route)

  • Keep all limbs in the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop

  • Watch for potholes, dips and uneven surfaces

  • Be mindful of pedestrians and other vehicles at all times – especially in parking lots, crosswalks and main roadways

  • Do not overload cart with passengers or cargo

  • When parking, engage the parking brake – take keys with you

  • Report any maintenance problems, such as brakes or leaks, to your departmental supervisor

  • Discontinue use of utility cart if any safety systems are not working properly

  • Report any accidents to Public Safety immediately and to your supervisor

  • No horseplay – always drive safely

  • Texting should never be done while driving!  Pull over and stop if cell phone use is necessary

  • Utility carts are to be used for Property areas only

  • When traveling along or across main roadways throughout the property, be extra cautious of the street vehicles around you, and utilize traffic light and designated crossings whenever possible. Push aside rain flaps for clearer view of oncoming traffic.

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