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Interim Carpet Maintenance

Interim maintenance is an important component of extending the life and beauty of carpet.


Always wear personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. Wear gloves when spotting carpet. Review the product labels and chemical SDS. When using a pump sprayer it must be properly labeled.

Prepare the Floor

Remove furniture and fixtures, then vacuum the carpet.

TIP: While you are vacuuming, take note of heavily soiled areas that may require special attention.

Dilute First Step or Impact EES into the pump sprayer according to label directions.

Place Wet Floor signs blocking off the carpeted area to be cleaned.

ReadySpace Method

Fill the solution tank with warm water and add 2 ounces of Last Step Carpet Rinse per gallon of water.

Lightly pre-spray the entire carpet.

Heavily pre-spray traffic lanes and problem areas, then brush the pre-spray onto the surface with a carpet brush or carpet rake.

Treat spots and stains with carpet spotter.

Allow the products to dwell for at least 5 minutes.

Plug in the ReadySpace machine and adjust the handle. Beginning at the point farthest from the exit, clean the carpet with the ReadySpace machine using a forward and backwards motion.

Wait approximately 30 minutes before removing wet floor signs and returning furniture.

TIP: To speed up drying time, use an air mover.

When you are finished, empty and rinse the ReadySpace machine. Return your supplies to the cleaning supply area.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Check your carpet manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and warranty requirements before using this process.

In your cleaning supply area, fill a bucket and wringer with cold water. Add 6 ounces of Impact EES per gallon of water, or another Maintex carpet shampoo.

Immerse the bonnet pads in the solution and wring them out. Place the treated bonnet pads in a clean trash liner and transport them to the area to be cleaned.

Pre-spray only traffic lanes and problem areas so as not to overwet the carpet.

Treat spots and stains with carpet spotter.

Allow the products to dwell for at least 5 minutes.

Attach the pad driver to the floor machine and attach a bonnet to the pad driver. Make sure the bonnet is centered.

Begin cleaning in an area farthest from the exit to avoid walking over wet carpet. Overlap the passes and move forward and back as you work. Work in an area of no more than 10 x 20 feet.

Check the bonnet for soil. When the bonnet has become dirty, flip it over and use the clean side.