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1. Take the first sheet to get the exact measurements so there is not extra fabric hanging from either side of the mattress.

2. Leave the sheet flushed with the bed so there is not too much materials and your hands can easily sweep under the bed to tuck in the sheet.

3. Before pulling back the sheets tuck it in along the front of the bed. Continue tucking the front of the sheet under the mattress

4. Pull back the sheet and stretch it over the mattress

5. Stretch and pull this behind the mattress and and tuck it along the bottom. At the same time, another team member pulls the other side.

6. Next, tuck the sheet under the bed by pulling the material behind the mattress. Pull the sheet under and slide our hand to pull the sheet under the mattress

Tip: Do not lift the mattress because this causes too much strain on the back

7. Then take the extra material and tuck it in and take the excess material on the corner and tuck it under using your fingers to slide the sheet under the mattress

Tip: Be aware of any furniture around the bed and be careful to not bump your elbows.

8. At the end of the bed, bend down. You can put your knees on the floor or bend your knees to get low down to the ground.

9. At the end of the bed, grab the excess material and pull it towards to foot of the bed

10. Grab the second sheet and bring it up to the headboard and make sure it is flush with the bed.

11. Bring down the bottom part of the sheet and pull it all the way out

12. Gently lay the comforter down on the bed.

13. Notice the pattern on the comforter and make sure there are two squares on every side. If there is a large bed it is 2 squares, 3 squares then 2 squares

Tip: When adjusting the comforter, be careful not to life the sheet up underneath it

15. Grab the last sheet and find the ironed line on the street and center it over the corner of the foot of the bed making sure hangs down over the bed, flush with the bottom

16. Pull the top sheet over the comforter and under the comforter at the head of the bed. Pull and stretch the top sheet over the comforter until it is all smooth and wrinkle free.

17. Pull down the first fold of the comforter over itself to create a fold for the guests to enter the bed

18. Take all material that hands from the side of the bed and tuck the side of the bedding with the fold all along the side of the bed, using our hand to tuck the material under the bed.

Tip: Do not lift the bed but to simply slide your hand under the bed to tuck the bedding under the mattress.

19. At the bottom of the bed, stretch the sheets under the bed.

Tip: be sure to kneel by the bed and not bending over the bed

20. Lift the top layers of the of the bed and tuck in the first layer of the sheet.

21.Lift the top layers and let them sit over the tucked in part and run your hands along the edge again.

22. Pull the excess material out of the side, tuck the foot of the bedding and finish tucking the sides over the edge.

23. Once the bed is finished, take the pillow and shake them out until they are firm and taught.

24. Fold the pillows to make it easier for them to be inserted into the pillowcases

25. Place the pillows nicely atop the bed and resting on the headboard. There should be no wrinkles.

26. Take the other two pillows and doing the same thing . Rest them on the bed with no wrinkles.

Tip: The zipper of the pillow should be facing outside of the bed and check to ensure the pillows all the way up to the corners of the pillowcases

27. Take the pillows and put one over the other. Squeeze the air out so its nice and tight and place the pillow over the pillows already in place.

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